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SSHOC Multilingual Data Stewardship Terminology


The SSHOC Multilingual Data Stewardship Terminology is a multilingual terminology that collects terms specific to the domain of Data Stewardship, as well as their definitions. A list of domain-specific terms was automatically extracted from a corpus pertaining to the domain of Data Stewardship and Curation, validated by domain experts, assigned a definition, and linked to other existing terminologies (Loterre Open Science Thesaurus, terms4FAIRskills, Linked Open Vocabularies, ISO terms and definitions). Each term-definition pair was then automatically translated into multiple languages (Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Slovenian) by employing Deep-L. The Multilingual Data Stewardship Terminology thus consists of 211 concepts available in Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Slovenian. This resource was created within the frame of the SSHOC (Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud) project (H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-2-823782). It is the result of the work of Task 3.1.2 "extraction of terminology from technical documentation about standards and interoperability", as described in D3.9, carried out jointly by ILC-CNR and CLARIN ERIC.




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